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The Gateway in Apartment 8
Chisto Healy

Sarah, an Asian-American college student moves into Sunnycrest Apartments because it's a rare, affordable place. Strange things show up in her closet that don't belong to her. Stranger still, they seem to come from the past.


With the help of her psychiatrist, the girl she's dating, and the quirky gay boy she met at a restaurant, Sarah realizes that her closet is actually a gateway to another time. Another world. A place where the same apartment belonged to the boyfriend of the final murder victim of a notorious serial killer that was never caught.

Sometimes the doorway takes her to another floor in the building, to the apartment the girl herself-Regina-lived in on the 11th floor, the apartment where the murder actually happened, but it always takes her to 1987. Always to the killer...

Can he still hurt her? Is any of it even real? Where will the gateway in Apartment 8 actually lead her?

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Haunted Places and Other Stories
Mark Allan Gunnells

Haunted Places and other Stories is a collection of short, queer, horror fiction. Gunnells explores the range of ways people—and places—can be haunted, and uses this theme to challenge assumptions of queerness. He broaches some very real topics that, in themselves, haunting contemporary Americans, and continues to act as a clear, loud, and proud, queer voice in horror fiction.

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