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The Count
David-Jack Fletcher

When Sam’s ex, Danny, winds up gutted beyond recognition, Sam has no memory of where he was at the time. He can only remember the strange comfort of his new house. The endless ticking of a clock he can’t find. The bloody knife he woke up holding the morning Danny was killed.

Sam’s guilt over Danny is undercut by the endless ticking, a growing desire to drink from the dead, and anonymous GPS pings that lead him to corpses. The stench of them rotting makes him hungry.

He begins to feel the ticking inside him, feeding a darkness he’s long ignored. It compels him to take what he wants, regardless of the price. When he begins to act on his bloodlust, the ticking leads him to the death of a loved one.

The clock begins to point to more of Sam’s friends and family, begging for their blood. Fuelled by a deep desire to feed, and compelled by the power of the ticking clock, how far will Sam go to get what he wants?


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Blackout: White Harbor Book 2
Carlos E. Rivera


Thirty years ago, Freddie Parham did the unthinkable. In the depths of the infamous Vanek House, he sacrificed six lives to unknown dark forces.

Now an inmate at a mental health facility, Freddie has become the servant of Martha Lange, the leader of a dark, local cult. Bringing to life the monstrosities Freddie paints on his canvas, he sets out to perform the Ritual of the Four Nights, which will awaken the entity sleeping beneath the town of White Harbor.

Elsewhere in town, Peter Lange and his friends are gathered at a local bar, when a mysterious figure from their past puts the group in mortal danger. They must uncover where the key to it all lies. Is it in their experiences inside the Vanek House? In the “safe place” where two of the group began a secret love affair? In the crawlspace beneath Peter’s home, where his greatest fears still live?

An inexplicable blackout devours White Harbor. The blue moon rises. The First Night has begun.

The first of four nights to awaken God and remake the world.


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Price Slashers
Chisto Healy, Michael R. Collins, Erica Summers

Three novellas, each answering the same prompt: 
Melissa comes running out of a grocery store covered in blood...


The Survivor – Chisto Healy

A detective meets his match in this extreme body horror novella when body parts start appearing on the streets of New York. A serial killer is on the loose, can the detective reveal their identity before more lives are lost?

Nothing is Hidden, Only Unseen – Michael R. Collins

The staff at Price Slashers face otherworldly creatures in this extreme cosmic novella, where nothing is as it seems. Exploring a deadly dimension, the staff are faced with their own fears. Are their fears really what's killing them, though, or is something far more sinister at play?

Those Baby Blues – Erica Summers

In this extreme psychological novella, a new mother suffers from a recently-diagnosed mental illness, convinced her newborn is evil. As she and her sister shop for groceries, she uncovers hidden messages around the store. Is it all in her mind, or must she put an end to things once and for all?

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