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My Apologies to Tanya Grace
Cat Voleur

Tanya Grace is missing, and nobody seems to care.

When aspiring novelist, Mallory Brennan, moves back to her hometown to focus on her writing, the last thing she wants is to get tangled up with anyone from her past. This proves impossible when Mallory becomes the only person who can see Tanya’s ghost.

Repressed memories begin resurfacing and Mallory finds herself wracked with survivor’s guilt. Was she somehow responsible for Tanya’s death? Why else does she find herself so haunted? Mallory seeks the answers, along with justice for Tanya.

But what will it truly take for her to rid herself of the ghost once and for all?

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Nobody's Savior
Wesley Winters

Darkness can be found all around us and inside us. It surrounds those we call friends and family. Some of it is obvious, like a monster under your child’s bed or a mysterious woman stalking you from the woods. Some of it is hidden, like in the depths of our broken hearts or in the community that pretends to embrace us. Sometimes, the darkness falls from above and blankets the world you know in red.

Nobody’s Savior is a selection of stories about grief, self-destruction, hopelessness, and the accompanying dread.

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The Count
David-Jack Fletcher

When Sam’s ex, Danny, winds up gutted beyond recognition, Sam has no memory of where he was at the time. He can only remember the strange comfort of his new house. The endless ticking of a clock he can’t find. The bloody knife he woke up holding the morning Danny was killed.

Sam’s guilt over Danny is undercut by the endless ticking, a growing desire to drink from the dead, and anonymous GPS pings that lead him to corpses. The stench of them rotting makes him hungry.

He begins to feel the ticking inside him, feeding a darkness he’s long ignored. It compels him to take what he wants, regardless of the price. When he begins to act on his bloodlust, the ticking leads him to the death of a loved one.

The clock begins to point to more of Sam’s friends and family, begging for their blood. Fuelled by a deep desire to feed, and compelled by the power of the ticking clock, how far will Sam go to get what he wants?

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