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Chloe Spencer

After suffering a savage assault in a bathroom as a girl, Gertie meets the man of her dreams. Her trauma soon vanishes as they begin to build a life together. However, with the sudden death of her beloved Jack, and the return of her school bully-Bea-years later, Gertie's long-buried trauma bubbles to the surface. All the think is one thing: Revenge.


Inserting herself into Bea's life, nobody is safe-not her parents, not her children. Hell, not even the PTA members of her daughter's high school. Starting a sordid romance with Bea in a bid to destroy her life from the inside out, Gertie soon learns revenge is messier than she thought.




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Paperback, KU, eBook

The Desert Island Game
Cat Voleur

The world has ended. Now what?

When Bea wakes to discover she and her lover, Evian, are still alive after the apocalypse, things seem too good to be true. Soon, she begins to suspect they are. The more concerns she voices about their survival on an island paradise, the easier their lives become. Her attempts to ask questions are met by disinterest and anger from her partner.

Why can she not remember key details about her life before coming to the island? Why is she seeing and hearing things that aren’t there? How well does she really know Evian?

As suspicion and distrust continue to mount, Bea realizes the apocalypse was the least of her worries.

But is there a way off the island, and is paradise really Hell?

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