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Our Authors


Carlos E. Rivera

Carlos is a Costa Rican gay writer and former English teacher.

As an anxious, introverted kid growing up in Costa Rica during the 80s and 90s, he always felt like something of an outsider. His refuge was escaping into and devouring sci-fi, fantasy, drama, crime thrillers, and above all things, horror. For years, these books, movies, comics, and even video games became his life.


He dove into the horror-next-door of Stephen King, the ineffable cosmic abominations of H.P. Lovecraft, the disturbing atmosphere of Silent Hill, the dreamlike imagery of David Lynch, the sheer unnerving strangeness of Junji Ito, and many more—they got mixed in with his country’s folk stories and his own experiences, resulting in what he describes as a peculiar blend that readers might feel is familiar but askew.


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Cat Voleur

Cat Voleur is the author of Revenge Arc, and a full-time horror journalist. She lives with a small army of rescue felines who encourage her to create and consume morbid content. In her free time, you can most likely find her pursuing her passion for fictional languages.


Twitter: @Cat_Voleur



Chisto Healy

Chisto is the author of the Sunnycrest Apartment series which consists of Accidental Murderer in Apartment 34 and the Gateway in Apartment 8 with more coming.


He co-wrote the novella The Bucket List with Mark Towse, wrote the popular novella The World Beneath, and the extreme horror Two of a Kind that has a prequel and sequel on the way. He’s published nearly 300 stories for anthologies and podcasts.


He lives in North Carolina with his family and awesome pets. You can find him at and on Facebook and Instagram.

Chisto encourages everyone reach out and connect.


Chloe Spencer

Minnesota native Chloe Spencer is an award-winning writer, indie gamedev, and filmmaker. She is the author of Monstersona, Duality, and the upcoming Haunting Melody. Her work has also been seen in the Chlorophobia anthology with Ghost Orchid Press and the Nightmare Fuel anthology with Cloaked Press. In her spare time she enjoys playing video games, trying her best at Pilates, and cuddling with her cats. She holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Oregon and an MFA in Film and Television from SCAD Atlanta. You can find more about her on 

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Wesley Winters

Wesley Winters has been writing for various national and international publications since 2009, including AMP Magazine, Alternative Press, Hails & Horns, Outburn Magazine, and New Noise Magazine. From 2017-2023, he entered the fiction community using a pseudonym, under which he published more than fifty stories and several novellas.


After a series of personal struggles, he decided a change of heart, mindset, and approach was necessary for him and his family. He closed one chapter and began the next as Wesley Winters. He has stories published and soon-to-be published in HorrorScope Volume II and Terrible Lizards. His extreme horror series The Crimson Highness is set to debut during the second half of 2023, alongsise several other unrelated novellas. 

You can follow Wesley at…

Twitter - @WintryMonsters 
Instagram - @wesleywinters666 / @WintryMonstersPress


David-Jack Fletcher

David-Jack Fletcher is an award-winning Australian author, specialising in LGBTQI+ horror fiction. He dabbles in comedy-horror and dark fiction, but his true love is body horror. 


His debut novella, The Haunting of Harry Peck, was a 2022 Amazon international best-seller across several lists including Gay Fiction, Horror, and Two-Hour Literature.


He has also appeared in several anthologies across the US, Canada, and the UK. David-Jack's latest novel, The Count, is due for release in 2024, which focuses on bloodlust and the looming certainty of death.


He is also a qualified editor, operating a small online business, Chainsaw Editing, and works with international publishers. He specialises in line and developmental editing for horror/thriller, dark fiction, mystery/suspense, and the occasional historical romance.

When not writing and editing, David-Jack can be found on the couch with a book, cuddling his dogs and his husband.

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Stephanie Sanders-Jacob

Stephanie is an author and artist from Sandusky, Ohio. Her first novel, Singing All the Way Up, debuted with No Bad Books Press and her short fiction has been featured by Books of Horror, Hearth & Coffin, Mixer, Mosaic, and Ether Arts.


She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in Creative Writing from the Ohio State University. You can find her online at


Mark Allan Gunnells

 Mark has been publishing in the small press for almost fifteen years now. He has worked with Cemetery Dance, Crystal Lake, the Random House digital imprint Hydra, Unnerving Press, Valhalla Books, as well as several others.


His focus is horror/suspense with a queer bent and loves working with publishers who focused on promoting queer voices, and specializing in nurturing queer storytellers.

Follow Mark's book blog here, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


More Authors Soon!

We are constantly on the lookout for more authors, with submissions coming in daily. 

Watch this space for more authors added to our family!

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