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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Slashic Horror Press is to provide industry-leading publishing services to indie authors across the globe, with a focus on own voices within horror. We aim to do this by providing a smooth publishing experience from submission to publication, offering critical feedback to clients at every stage of the process. Further, we aim to provide comprehensive and competitive marketing/promotion for each author, helping to establish and maintain their brand.

We believe that the publishing experience relies on a collaborative relationship between authors, publishers, editors, and designers, and strive to bring own voices to the market in ethical, respectable manner. Even with rejections, our aim is to provide a brief manuscript assessment for rejected submissions in the hope that those authors will continue to develop their craft and eventually gain publication with us. We believe in fostering the potential in the author, even if their manuscript is not the right fit for us.


We are passionate about establishing successful author careers across the broad spectrum of horror. There are currently gaps in the market around queer content; the primary gap addressed through Slashic Horror Press is that most queer fiction details the queerness of the characters as the primary plot in the narrative. At Slashic Horror Press, we want to move beyond that as a way to demonstrate the ordinariness and everydayness of queer life.​​

Slashic Horror Press has a clear focus on equality and diversity. Our aim, as above, is to deliver queer stories within horror genres. As such, our demographics include authors who are either members of, or allies to, queer and culturally diverse groups. 

Values and Aims

The core values of Slashic Horror Press are to:

  • Provide industry-leading publishing experiences

  • Respect and support own voices

  • Adapt the rejection process to enable author success


The core aims of Slashic Horror Press are to: 

  • Deliver unique stories within horror genres

  • Improve the indie authors publishing experience while maintaining a high quality of the final product

  • Promote writing of a high quality through professional editing

  • Adopt a mentor approach with new and emerging authors

David-Jack Fletcher and 

Lee Cross James

Meet the Team

Slashic Horror Press is a small publisher with few team members. Read their bios below.

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