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***Includes Bonus Novella I am the Door***


An unseen evil is growing deep beneath the isolated seaside town of White Harbor, which an insidious cult worships as their God. For centuries, it has fed on the inner darkness of its people, their nightmares, and their secrets, forming the almost tangible collective mind the locals call “Blight Harbor”.

Only one person can speak directly to the town’s God: Martha Lange, an Alzheimer’s patient in the town’s hospice. The Faithful call her “Mother”. She is the messenger of God, and she has proclaimed it’s time for His awakening. When Peter, Martha’s estranged son, returns to White Harbor after a personal loss, he’s unaware that his arrival will act as a catalyst for a dark omen, and God has promised Mother a reward for her service.

As supernatural events, disappearances, and horrors shake White Harbor over the course of three nights, Peter Lange and a group of townspeople swallowed up in these events must desperately find answers in the town’s history of death and tragedy. The source of the cult, and the true nature of “Blight Harbor” must be uncovered, because the final ritual is underway, and the most prominent phrase in the cult’s unearthly tongue translates to:

“God will feed.”

The Local Truth: White Harbor Book 1 – Ebook

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