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The Local Truth: White Harbor Book 1
Carlos E. Rivera

Time to Come Home
Peter Lange returns to his hometown of White Harbor to visit his estranged mother, Martha, who suffers from Alzheimer's. Unbeknownst to Peter, his return to town will be the catalyst for the emergence of a violent entity. The town hides a secret. Among the history death and violence. Something the locals call "Blight Harbor"-a gathering of secrets, fears, gossip, legends, and nightmares.
They feed the entity worshipped as a god by a cult. An entity without a face. An entity without a name. An entity Peter has been running from his whole life. Led by Peter's mother, and activated by his presence, the cult's holiest prophecy is set to begin. A prophecy written in an unearthly language, ending in the phrase that translates 

The Gateway in Apartment 8
Chisto Healy

Sarah, an Asian-American college student moves into Sunnycrest Apartments because it's a rare, affordable place. Strange things show up in her closet that don't belong to her. Stranger still, they seem to come from the past.


With the help of her psychiatrist, the girl she's dating, and the quirky gay boy she met at a restaurant, Sarah realizes that her closet is actually a gateway to another time. Another world. A place where the same apartment belonged to the boyfriend of the final murder victim of a notorious serial killer that was never caught.

Sometimes the doorway takes her to another floor in the building, to the apartment the girl herself-Regina-lived in on the 11th floor, the apartment where the murder actually happened, but it always takes her to 1987. Always to the killer...

Can he still hurt her? Is any of it even real? Where will the gateway in Apartment 8 actually lead her?

Healy_Apt 8 FRONT_Final_edited_edited.jpg

Haunted Places and Other Stories
Mark Allan Gunnells

Everything is haunted… 


Quiet towns, school hallways, public transport, lakes, elevators, even books.


The stories in this collection search the mundane, the benign, and the typical, to expose the terrifying dark roots of the places we think are safe. 


Prepare yourself for a tour of these haunted places…

Chloe Spencer

After suffering a savage assault in a bathroom as a girl, Gertie meets the man of her dreams. Her trauma soon vanishes as they begin to build a life together. However, with the sudden death of her beloved Jack, and the return of her school bully—Bea—years later, Gertie’s long-buried trauma bubbles to the surface. All she can think about is one thing:



Inserting herself deep into Bea’s life, nobody is safe—not her parents, not her children. Hell, not even the PTA members of her daughters high school. Starting a sordid romance with Bea in a bid to destroy her life from the inside out, Gertie soon learns revenge is messier than she thought.

But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


Nobody's Savior
Wesley Winters

Synopsis coming soon.

Raven's Creek
David-Jack Fletcher

An abandoned motel.

A woman flees an unknown danger, taking refuge in a motel. She is never seen again.

A mad scientist.

A geneticist stretches the boundaries of nature. His experiments, once human, are now something else. Something new. Something hungry.


The couple.

Michael and his husband Geoff have lost something precious. Their search takes them to a motel. What they find there will reveal a cruelty neither knew existed. And creatures beyond imagination.


Welcome to Raven's Creek.

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